Petera Ham (daughter of Pete Ham) - born May 31, 1975

I just wanted to write a few words about my dad, Pete Ham, for what would have been his 60th Birthday (April 27, 2007).

As you probably know I have never met my dad, but I still have love and respect for him and also feel a very close bond to him. I feel sad, though, that I never had the opportunity of knowing him. I suppose in some ways I am lucky as I get to listen to his music and interviews which brings me closer to him.

I have heard a lot of stories from my mum and other people, and this has given me an insight into what kind of person he was. From what I’ve heard he was a shy, kind, considerate, selfless person with a good sense of humour who liked to joke around. I have been told by my mum that I resembled him in many ways, even down to the way he walked.

I have been lucky with the life he has given me through his music, which is famous throughout the world. This makes me very proud whenever I hear any of his songs. Sometimes it has been strange when I have been on holiday to places like Kenya and Dominican Republic, to hear people there sing his songs, particularly "Without You." In a way, I think he is watching me, wherever I am.

There are many songs that I like by my dad, but I have a few favourites. Some of my favourite songs are "Just Look Inside The Cover," "Shine On," "Name Of The Game" and of course "Dennis," which is about my brother, Blair.

Although my dad died just before I was born, I have a stepfather called Tony, although I don’t class him as that, he is my dad, too. He, along with my mum and family, helped me to grow up in a loving family, and I am very grateful to have them all. Tony has been very good throughout my life, helping me with things in respect of my dad, he has always wanted my dad to get the recognition he deserves.

I also would like to thank Dan Matovina for his help throughout the years in keeping the true memory of my dad's work.

Sometimes I miss not meeting my dad. This makes me feel sad that he isn’t with me today, because of the problems he went through; I usually switch on my iPod and listen to his songs, which make me cry.

Happy Birthday Dad, I think of you all the time and love you with all my heart, your daughter Petera.

Just Look Inside The Cover by Pete Ham

You say my hair is getting long
Surely that ain't bad
You say the way I dress is wrong
That don't mean I'm mad
Just look inside the cover
I'm sure you'll discover love

You say my life's a waste of time
But man, I disagree
I don't know anything so fine
As the life God gave to me
So I'll just go on living
And all the fun life's giving me
One day you'll see it, too

You say that I should be secure
That's all very well
But there's no point in making sure
Tomorrow may be hell
So I'll just go on living
And all the fun life's giving me
One day you'll see it, too

It's not the color of the hair
Or the color of the skin
That tells you that a man is good
Or if he's full of sin

Pete Ham Pink Sash

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